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As producers focus their drilling efforts in oil and liquids-rich plays such as the Mississippi Lime, Granite Wash, Cana Woodford and Hogshooter, it has become clear that vast quantities of crude, NGLs and associated gas are soon to put extra strain on saturated Midcontinent Midstream facilities. With production only expected to increase from these booming plays, it is clear that significant investment is required in the current infrastructure to drive the upgrading and building of new gathering systems, processing plants and fractionators for gas and NGLs and takeaway pipelines for crude to ensure capacity can meet projected supply.

Mississippi Lime & Anadarko Basin Midstream was the first event to be 100% dedicated to driving forward midstream infrastructure for the Midcontinent and focussed on ensuring crude, residue gas and NGLs reach optimal markets and command the highest price at the lowest marketing cost. Over two days, production forecasts, pricing differentials and the effect the Mississippian play has on Midcontinent supply and demand dynamics were addressed by key E&P and Midstream authority figures in the area. Providing project updates on the latest expansion plans in the midstream, Mississippi Lime & Anadarko Basin Midstream also heard the latest at build-out updates focusing on capacity that will be available, completion dates, tariffs and market destinations. The summit also tackled region-specific challenges including gas treatment requirements, solutions to finding a home for the varying crude grades coming out of plays in the Anadarko Basin and plans for upgrading the electrical infrastructure in the Mississippi Lime.

Main Conference Room

Day One opened with a strategic view on how Mississippi Lime development affects supply, pricing and infrastructure demand in the Midcontinent based on supply vs. demand projections. The focus then narrowed down to NGLs where speakers delivered updates on the latest takeaway and fractionation expansion plans that serve the region. This was also followed by an analysis of NGL pricing and markets, discussing how increased production and fractionation capacity will affect the pricing relationship between Conway and Mont Belvieu. Residue gas takeaway was then be discussed, examining the current stability and end markets for Midcontinent gas before speakers pinpointed where gas gathering and processing infrastructure investment is required in the region. The economics and latest technologies for treating poor quality gas in the Mississippi Lime region were then broken down before the day closed with an evaluation of the arbitrage opportunities of shipping gas products to offshore markets.

Day Two focused on Crude and opened with a panel dialogue between E&P and midstream operators who discussed the key areas in need of infrastructure investment to prevent further costly bottlenecks. Discussions then moved on to the latest project updates in crude oil takeaway, an assessment of crude demand from Midcontinent and Gulf Coast refineries and how the varying grades of Crude from the Mississippi Lime and Anadarko basin can be blended to ensure a home for every barrel. Presentations on where and how barrels from the Hogshooter and wider Anadarko basin will fit into Midcontinent market dynamics were then delivered followed by an assessment of the electricity infrastructure required in regions of the Mississippi Lime to ensure facilities will always be powered to ensure sustainable production. The use of rail to access optimally priced markets and bypass the Cushing bottleneck was then be discussed before delegates heard an update from the EPA on upcoming emissions regulations relating to new midstream projects and flaring guidelines for operators. Day two closed by looking at the upgrade and investment requirements for legacy infrastructure to meet the growing demand in the Midcontinent.

Mississippi Lime & Anadarko Basin Midstream was the latest in the extremely well attended and highly regarded Midstream Infrastructure series from American and Canadian Business Conferences that has consistently delivered tangible marketing solutions, provided business opportunities and driven forward Midstream infrastructure development for the Permian Basin, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica and Western Canada.

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O&G Series


As operators rapidly increase oil and liquids-rich production in the Mississippi Lime and Anadarko Basin…

…the infrastructure and takeaway capacity for crude, NGLs and residue gas coming from the region is of key importance to ensure products reach optimal markets at the highest netback. As operators target premium product markets, investment in takeaway capacity for oil and NGLs is ramping up and the development of new gathering, treating and natural gas processing capacity for natural gas is receiving increasing attention. With the Mississippi Lime emerging as one of the hottest new plays in North America and wells in the Anadarko basin showing incredible IP rates, it is vitally important that Midstream investment matches production to ensure costly bottlenecks are avoided.

Mississippi Lime & Anadarko Basin Midstream will bring together leading operators and midstream companies from across the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma in Oklahoma City on February 27-28, to drive forward midstream infrastructure development and discuss short and long-term solutions to ensure Midcontinent crude, NGLs and residue gas command the highest price and reach their optimal market at the lowest cost.


MISSISSIPPI LIME BOOM: How Mississippi Lime development will affect supply, pricing and infrastructure demand in the Midcontinent: Supply vs. Demand projections

NGL TAKEAWAY: Updates on NGL takeaway expansion projects in the Midcontinent: plans for ensuring barrels are taken to market at the highest netback

ACCESSING NEW MARKETS: Evaluating the economics and viability of shipping liquids by rail from the midcontinent to access new markets and avoid the Cushing bottleneck and assessing LNG exports from the Gulf Coast as a solution to oversupply of gas in the US

CRUDE TAKEAWAY: Identifying optimal markets for the various grades and qualities or crude produced in the Midcontinent, blending solutions to create higher quality streams and investment required in takeaway capacity to meet growing demand

RESIDUE GAS TAKEAWAY: Providing solutions for cost effectively treating poor quality gas from Mississippian wells and assessing gathering, processing and long haul residue gas takeaway to ensure all products are marketed and reduce the need for flaring

ANADARKO BASIN PRODUCTION: Identifying key areas for growth and investment as production increases from oil and liquids-rich plays like the Granite Wash, Cana Woodford, Hogshooter and beyond

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